Ask me anything   everyone is welcome   my url is a metaphor. its describing someone who we see as beautiful and happy, as sad. not everything is how it seems. people, who aren't necessarily depressed, fake smiles everyday. I believe in expressing yourself in every way that you feel comfortable which is why I made this blog. I want to show how I feel in that moment without being judged. my blog is my outlet. I want to make that a reality for other people who look at my blog and know that you aren't the only one who gets sad sometimes. I used to think that since It looked like i lived a great life i would look spoiled and ungrateful if i let anyone see me sad at all, anytime. just because someone has bigger problems than you doesn't mean yours don't matter. smile, you're BEAUTIFUL.


things to never make fun of:

  • mentalĀ illnessesĀ 
  • eating disorders
  • cutting
  • suicideĀ 
  • rape

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